Akademiska avhandlingar som baseras på SDPP

Här listas akademiska avhandlingar för medicine doktorsexamen baserade helt eller delvis på Stockholms diabetespreventiva program (SDPP).

  • Timm, Linda: Feasibility of type 2 diabetes prevention: processes for detection, self-management and support in socioeconomically disadvantaged areas. 2021 ISBN: 978-91-8016-149-7.
  • Persson, Åsa: Urban greenness and related health effects. 2020 ISBN: 978-91-8016-028-5.
  • Pyko, Andrei: Long-term exposure to transportation noise in relation to metabolic and cardiovascular outcomes. 2018 ISBN: 978-91-7831-072-2.
  • Wagner, Henrik: Factors potentially influencing pathogenetic mechanisms and hyperglycemia in pre-diabetes and type 2 diabetes: clinical studies in humans. 2016 ISBN: 978-91-7676-323-0.
  • Hukic, Dzana Sudic: Genetic association studies of symptoms, comorbidity and outcome in bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. 2016 ISBN: 978-91-7676-246-2.
  • Olsson, Eric: Cardiovascular risk factors and pharmacogenetics of clozapine in schizophrenia. 2015 ISBN: 978-91-7676-160-1.
  • Korek, Michal. Long-term exposure to air pollution from road-traffic and
    cardiovascular disease with a focus on exposure modeling. 2015 ISBN: 978-91-7676-168–7.
  • Spectre, Galia: Platelet function in diabetes mellitus. 2014 ISBN: 978-91-7549-636-8.
  • Gu, Tianwei: Genetic and epigenetic studies of diabetes and diabetic nephropathy with focus in the IGF-IGFBP-axis. 2014 ISBN: 978-91-7549-606-1.
  • Deleskog, Anna: Factors affecting the development of type 2 diabetes and
    cardiovascular disease, with special reference to vitamin D. 2014 ISBN: 978-91-7549-438-8.
  • Seed Ahmed, Mohammed Hamza ZE: Functional and genetic studies in type 2 diabetes and obesity. 2013 ISBN: 978-91-7549-283-4.
  • Fritz, Tomas: Physical activity in normal and impaired glucose tolerance and type 2 diabetes mellitus. 2012 ISBN: 978-91-7457-839-3.
  • Wirström, Tina: Nutritional and dysmetabolic factors with potential impact on type 2 diabetes: epidemiological and molecular studies. 2012 ISBN: 978-91-7457-888-1.
  • Eriksson, Charlotta: Cardiovascular and metabolic effects of long-term traffic noise exposure. 2012 ISBN: 978-91-7457-828-7.
  • Eriksson, Anna-Karin: Epidemiological studies on type 2 diabetes: Assessment of diabetes risk factors and study participation. 2012 ISBN: 978-91-7457-644-3.
  • Långberg, Ewa-Carin: Impact of candidate genes on obesity and type 2 diabetes. 2010. ISBN: 978-91-7409-738-2.
  • Johansson, Pia: Economic evaluation of public health programmes; constraints and opportunities. 2009 ISBN: 978-91-7409-317-9.
  • Nordman, Sofia: Identification of susceptibility genes in type 2 diabetes. 2008 ISBN: 978-91-7357-492-1.
  • Kuhl, Jeanette: Pathogenesis of type 2 diabetes with emphasis on the mechanism of insulin resistance. 2006 ISBN: 91-7140-839-8.
  • Andersson, Camilla: Challenges of studying complex community health promotion programs. 2006 ISBN: 91-7140-703-0.
  • Yngen, Marianne: Platelet function in diabetes mellitus. 2005 ISBN: 91-7140-062-1.
  • Agardh, Emilie: The influence of psychosocial stress, socioeconomic differences and coffee consumption in the etiology of type 2 diabetes. 2005 ISBN: 91-7140-180-6.
  • Carlsson, Sofia: Weight history, low birth weight, alcohol consumption and type 2 diabetes. 2003 ISBN: 91-7349-471-2.