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Study Design

The Stockholm Public Health Cohort is a prospective study set within the framework of Region Stockholms public health surveys. The public health surveys took place in 2002, 2006/2007, 2010, 2014, and 2021, and the respective participants constitute the five sub-cohorts that together comprise the SPHC. At baseline, the surveys involved area-stratified, cross-sectional random samples of the population of Stockholm County aged 18–84 years (2002 and 2006), ≥18 years (2010), and ≥16 years (2014 and 2021). Responders from previous years were followed up with a new questionnaire in the next wave of data collection. To date, the cohort comprise almost 142 000 participants who have responded to at least one public health survey (see Figure 1).

Figure 1. Number of responders and follow ups stratified according to recruitment year.

A scientific paper from 201X describing the Stockholm Public Health Cohort, Cohort Profile: The Stockholm Public Health Cohort. [Cohort profile update is ongoing.]

Data collection

Data was collected using postal, web-based, and app-based questionnaires, covering health parameters, tobacco use (including snus), physical activity, alcohol consumption, labour market position, physical and psychosocial work environment, anthropometry, and other life circumstances. Individuals who were part of earlier sub-cohorts received a cohort-specific questionnaire. Many years there were additionally different questionnaires for individuals above and below 65 years of age (see Technical reports and Surveys at the bottom of the page).

Self-reported exposure and outcome information has been complemented by information from longitudinal health and sociodemographic data registries. Registry data includes sociodemographic data from Statistics Sweden, selected diagnoses and other health data from The National Board of Health and Welfare, health care utilization and selected diagnoses from Region Stockholms registries, as well as others.

All data collected has been in accordance with current legislation. Information to invited individuals has varied slightly over the years. Please note that information regarding linkage to health registries was not included in the 2010 invitation, which has practical consequences for potential ethical applications.

Access to the SPHC

The purpose of the SPHC cohort is to increase knowledge on public heath, and the causes and consequences of ill health. Collaborations with organisations and academic researchers that help achieve this purpose is encouraged. Regardless of the type of research, all potential collaborations or data access agreements must, however, be reviewed by the Steering Committee of SPHC. In order to access the material, an application should be submitted to the Steering Committee, by an applicant with a PhD or equivalent degree (for research projects). Application for research projects can only be granted after ethical vetting and approval by the Swedish ethics review authority. All projects must involve collaborations and co-authorship with researchers at the Centre for Epidemiology and Community Medicine, Region Stockholm. Data can only be processed within countries that have a personal data protection laws at least as strong as the European general data protection regulation (GDPR). After approval, a contract will be established, and data provided after a payment agreement is arranged.

Guidelines for data requisition

The proposal (fill out Research Proposal Form 2023 below) together with a short CV, an approved ethics application and a list of requested variables should be sent by email to the Steering Committee, sphc.ces.slso@regionstockholm.se, at the Centre for Epidemiology and Community Medicine, Stockholm County Council.


Contact: Boel Brynedal, sphc.ces.slso@regionstockholm.se

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